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By: Josh Copitch
Posted: Aug 17, 2017 07:49 PM PDT
Updated: Aug 18, 2017 11:44 AM PDT

REDDING, Calif. – The Redding Police Neighborhood Police Unit pursued a two month long investigation that netted multiple drug dealers across Redding.

Officials said the NPU began gathering information in regards to a local narcotics trafficking organization with gang ties to the Sacramento area in June. NPU said they believe the organization has been responsible for the large quantity of the drugs sold in Redding, targeting local drug addicts.

Redding Police Sergeant Walt Bullington said that search warrants were obtained and served on several homes and people. Investigators said that the searches helped police identify the apparent leader of the drug trafficking organization.

NPU officers first contacted Aurmone Keon Harris, 20, of Redding, during a traffic stop in Anderson. Harris’s passenger, Kevin Marcuslee Montgomery, 20, of Vallejo, was found to be in possession of a handgun reportedly stolen in Vallejo.

Next, NPU served a search warrant on a home where they found Aaron Monte Tremai Hunt, 25, of Redding and Crystal Merie Ruesga, 36, of Redding. Hunt and Ruesga were both identified as heroin dealers. Both were arrested for possession of heroin for sale and1.3 ounces of heroin was seized.

Aurmone Harris was contacted again when NPU officers served a search warrant at his home. Harris was found to be in possession of 6.4 grams of heroin and was arrested for possession of heroin for sale.

NPU officers said they saw several subjects run from Harris’s house but were able to contact Rene Gerard Harris, 31, of Adelanto and Alyce Yvette McCoy, 45, of Fairfield. Rene and McCoy had two handguns that Aurmone said were in the home. Both guns had been reported stolen from Vallejo.

NPU officers checked Rene’s criminal history and found he was a convicted felon prohibiting him from possessing firearms. NPU officers also discovered arrest warrants had been issued for Rene and McCoy for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and battery with a firearm from Las Vegas. Police said Rene and McCoy were aware of their warrants and traveled to Redding to evade Nevada authorities.

During the course of their investigation, NPU officers were able to link arrested drug dealers with Christopher White II, 40, of Redding, the main supplier of heroin. White was on probation after being convicted of sales of crack cocaine in 2015.

According to officials, early morning August 17, officers from the NPU partnered with allied agencies and launched a multi-location search warrant service that targeted White and other upper-level heroin dealers operating in the Redding area. Officers arrested five different drug dealers at six separate locations.

Chris White II, 40, was found in possession of over seven pounds of heroin and nearly a pound of cocaine for the purpose of sales.
Fredrick Dennis Jr., 26, was found in possession of over an ounce of methamphetamine and 12.3 grams of heroin for the purpose of sales.
Joshua Jones, 28, was found in possession of nearly 52 grams of heroin and 23 grams of methamphetamine for the purpose of sales.
Cearington Wealtherspoon, 20, was found in possession of a quantity of heroin for the purpose of sale.
Crystal Ruesga, 36, was found in possession of heroin for the purpose of sales.

Since June of 2017, NPU officers seized 3343.63 grams of heroin with an estimated street value of over $330,000. This quantity is enough heroin for a single user to be under the influence 24 hours a day for over 15 years. Officers also seized 372.21 grams of cocaine with a street value of approximately $30,000. This is enough cocaine for a single user to be under the influence for over a year.

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