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In January of 2017, the citizens of Redding were informed that we were losing our Neighborhood Policing Unit, which is commissioned to prevent crime in our community. The grant funding ran out and our city had no money to keep it in operation. This inspired a grassroots initiative in which Redding citizens organized a campaign to save the NPU – the unit responsible for the largest heroin bust in Shasta County’s history – and work toward a safe city.

The Redding Public Safety campaign team has now created the 707 Alliance, so the $707,000 needed to fund the NPU could be provided by 707 individuals who would each donate $1000. The following is a list of people and organizations who have joined the 707 Alliance to restore Redding’s safety and peace of mind. We invite you to join, or donate what you’re able to the Redding Public Safety Campaign. 100% of donations go directly to the 2-year funding budget for the NPU and are tax deductible.  You can give online here or in person at Cornerstone Community Bank.

We have raised $788,026 out of our goal of 1.24 million.
Let’s keep it coming!



Add your name to the list of 707 Alliance members below.



511 Enterprises
Addy Electric Inc
Advance Redding
Commerce Home Mortgage
Compass, LLC
Cory Meyer Aspire Real Estate
Dutch Bro’s
From the Hearth
Hatched One
Hope Brokers Inc.
Jesus Culture
Kohn Family Endowment Fund
Mast Roofing, INC
Modern Comfort Solutions, Inc.
Nichols Melburg & Rossetto Architects
Pneuma Advantage
Seamens Family Endowment Fund
Spiritus Solutions
The Bridge
Trinity Termite and Pest Control
True North Builders, Inc.
Westside Pizza
Joe Wong, CEO J & A Foods



Jason & Shelly Abney
Kristie Allen
Fab Altamura
Bill Anderson
Kathy Anderson
Kenneth&Marjorie Andrews
Michael Astalos
Roger & Grace Aston
Hay & Michele Ault
Mark Awad
Susan Baldwin
Rick & Sylvia Barnhart
Al & Stephanie Bilotti
Rick & Lila Birchmeier
Joe & Debra Bissell
Deana Bjork
Mary Bloyd
Steve & Lorraine Box
Meera Britto
Lydia Budai
Vicky & Kevin Byars
Justin Carpenter
Jim and Kim Cash
Toni Cancilla
Steve Chain
Sophia Chan
Ai-Lee Chang
YinJui Chen
Wen Ching &Fannie Chow
Trinity Choi
Luke Christensen
John & Regina Clifford
Bruce & Sandra Cole
James Corley
Bryan & Laura Cosby
James & Eliza Curry
Jeff & Linda Daugherty
Marina Davis
Lisa De Los Santos
Michael Demers
Leo & Melanie De Siqueira
Emily Dolan-Gierer
David & Suzanne Ellis
Peter & Joan Eirich
Bart Farrell
Dann & Christie Farrelly
Joni Ferreira
Brandon &Rachel Fleming
Angela & Gary French
Gerald Gabriel
Vincent Gierer
Mary Gilbert
Todd & Carol Goble
Ben Gorospe
Jared & Valerie Greco
Richard Green
Karen Greene-Perez
Abner Guzman-Rivera
Fred & Sonya Haley
Kelsi Halvarson
Romei Han
Charlie & Julie Harper
Richard Heitz
Steve Higa
Pamela Horstman
Carrie Householder
Alejandra Hoyos
Wei-Yun Hsu
Benjamin Nelson Ifeanyi
Todd Isbeiner
Lee & Keesha Ivy
Jerry Jamieson
David & Lisa Jennett
Rex Jennings
Brian Johnson
Eric & Candace Johnson
David & Linda Johnson
Rainer Kendrick
Alex Koblitz
Nancy Kolb
Paul & Susan Kummer
Mike & Mary Ellen Lampella
Paul LaPrise
Karissa Larson
Dr.’s Steven & Twinkle Colleen Lawson
Denise Lee
Daryl & Cindy Lefever
Jordan Leichty
Elise Liang
Coalinga Lighthouse
Katherine Livingston
Randy & Sherry Long
Tim & Candess Marinello
Michelle Marinello,
Lonnie Julius Martin
Andy & Janine Mason
Paul Mast
David & JoAnn Mast
Hirofumi Masuyama
Don Mayer
Cory & Shelly McCandliss
Dan McCollam
Ronald Middleton
Linda Miles
David Mills & Family
Bryan & Sandy Mitchell
Hazel Moon
Crystal Mulder
Yolanda Negngi
Jared Neusch
Jonathan Nicholson
Sheva & William Nickravesh-Burton
Mechele Norris
Udobong & Emo Ntia
Harry & Gerry Paine
Cathlene Palazzo
Michelle Passey
Landis Blake & Susan Paul
Zachary Perkins
The Carl & Kelin Petersen Family
Wendie Pett
Paule Pobloske
Robert & Cari Pulliam
Gerry Ready
Sharon Rose Record
Mark & Carol Reginatto
Marty Reid
Catherine Reum
Bruce & Sharon Ribnick
Tracy & Anne Rice
Randy & Marion Riedel
John Paul Rittell
Ron Rock
Arlen & Sherrie Roesner
Karen & L.A. Royal
Rob Rue
Dawn & Rick Russell
Eric Samarripas
Michael Sarich
Cindy Scarborough
Barbara Schubert
Justin & Diana Schwendemann
Kristi Selby
Caterine & Joe Seminary
Michaela Sheets
Mamie Shelton
Louise Sherrod
Amy Sholdt
Jennie Sierra
Don & Jill Smith
Courtney & Nate Smith
Tim & Margene Smith
Patricia Soileau
The Stearns
Ruth Steel
Anna Maria Steinkress
Bonnie A. Steffey
Martin Stricker
Tom & Leslie Taylor
Joel Thompson
Cristin Tring
Karen Van Horn
Kris & Kathy Vallotton
Andre & Evelyn Van Mol
Barbara & Jun Victorio
Dr. & Mrs. James Vogus
Clark Waterfall
Greg & Karnel Watkins
Travis Watkins
Charlie & Melody Williams
Deborah Williams
Lisa Winkleblech
Julie & Mike Winter
Timothy Wright
Hannah Yager
Mue Yan Yeh
Zarvana & Plummer Families
Tanya Zaabadick
Junying Zeng
Beth Zinn


Special thanks to our many unnamed donors!