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Uniting for a safer Redding

Uniting for a safer Redding

Join us in raising funds to save the Neighborhood Police Unit.

The Redding Public Safety Campaign is a community effort to raise $1.24 million in funding for the Neighborhood Policing Unit (NPU), because the Redding Police Department can no longer financially support the NPU. This unit is critical to the safety of our city: a proactive policing force, dedicated to preventing crime in Redding and dealing with the causes of crime.

The NPU partnered with the District Attorney to compile cases against the operators of two of the city’s highest crime hotels; one hotel has closed and the second is up for sale. Simultaneously, they have worked cases leading to the arrests of numerous drug dealers and sexual predators.

The NPU has also seized 31 illegal firearms, made more than 903 arrests and citations, and is responsible for the largest heroin bust in Shasta County’s history, all in the last two years.